Smoked Duck Salad

I had a great dish recently in a restaurant which I have tried to create here, but an easier and cheaper version. The restaurant used wood fired smoked pigeon, but I have used duck. I also used Hickory Liquid Smoke, which is one of the best things in the world – like an indoor wood fired BBQ.

So, fire up your oven to 200.

Poached Lime and Lemongrass Chicken

I like to have shredded cooked chicken on hand for soups, sandwiches or salads. I’ll do this every now and then and it last for ages. Great for when you’re busy and just want something prepared in advance. It’ll freeze well too. For the lime leaves, get it form an Asian super market. Seems it’s 10…

Frittata / Quiche

I make this a lot as it’s fast and easy and I can take it to work for lunch. There is another way to do this too, using loads of peas and eggs mixed together with some basil in a 1 inch deep dish. Its looks great too. But I like this as it’s a bit…