Add chopped onions, mushrooms to a large saucepan with butter salt and pepper and a little oil (I use Rapeseed)
Add in heaped chopped parsley and garlic.
When all cooked and nice and brown add to a plate, so you can reuse the saucepan
Add your lamb/pork and beef mince with some spring onions, and a little oil for browning the meat. Add portions at a time, so it does not broil the meat.
When browned, add your mushroom mix back in
Add in the chopped tomatoes or tinned will work too. Add a jar or passata, Worcestershire sauce, dried basil and oregano, chilli too if you like some heat in it, also a little cinnamon (sounds weird but tastes great, very subtle)
Add more passata or water if it’s too thick or boils away in the cooking process. Reduce to simmer and leave for 45 mins on a low heat, stirring occasionally. 1/2 way through, add in some beef stock (2 cubes)
For the béchamel cheese sauce, heat some butter and a couple of heaped tablespoons of plain flour in a pan.
This will form crumbs and lumps but this is normal to cook the flour. Slowly add in your milk, the pan is hot so it will bubble. Start stirring to keep the consistency to a paste. Keep adding milk to take it from a paste to a sauce. Use a whisk to remove the lumps and make a smooth sauce.
Add in lots of pepper (I like white and black and pink pepper for this sauce), a little salt, then add in your favourite mustard. I used a load of hot english mustard, about 2 flat tablespoons. Using Dijon works well too. Now start adding your cheese. Choose 2 cheeses, I used Red Leicester and Cheddar. Melt in the cheese, keep stirring to keep a nice smooth sauce consistency. Then leave it to cool.
Heat your oven to about 200/220. Once your Bolognese has cooked and slightly cooled, start assembling your lasagne. Add some sauce to the bottom of the oven dish and layered your lasange sheets. I used wholewheat but any is fine. Don’t put too much sauce between the pasta sheets, just enough to cook them together.
Keep layering until about an inch from the top. Leave this space for all your béchamel cheese sauce. Pour the sauce on top to fill the dish. Cook in the oven for about 45mins to an hour. You can check it is cooked by skewering a knife into the dish through the pasta layers, if they pierce through easily, it’s about cooked. Take it out of the oven and leave it to rest for 10 or 15mins if you can. Serve with a plain fresh salad like spinach and red vinegar dressing with fresh parsley on top. Sometimes I like to sprinkle smoked bacon bits on top at the last 20mins.
It’s always nice the next day too. But use the oven to reheat it, not the microwave. Put some foil over the top and a little water in the dish so it won’t dry out.

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