Lobster Mac & Cheese




This is so good. If you don’t have lobster, you can use prawns or smoked salmon. Boil and cook your macaroni in salted water. While this is cooking start your cheese sauce. In a pot add some plain flour, about 2 tablespoons, add about a tablespoon of butter, and cook until it forms weird lumps and crumbs. Add in about a pint and 1/2 of full cream milk very slowly – cup by cup – and whisking all the time to remove lumps. This will slowly turn to a sauce, thick and creamy looking. If you need more milk add some extra.

Turn the heat down. Add a tablespoon of English mustard (more or less), some pepper and salt, finely hopped spring onions, then start adding in your favourite cheese.
I use Red Leister and Parmesan – about a handful each. Stir until all combined and remove from the heat. If it is a little too thick, add some water from the macaroni.

Drain the pasta and add the cheese sauce. Finally add in your cooked prawns, lobster or shredded salmon. Service with some grated parmesan and paprika on top and a side salad with lots of parsley and a dijon mustard dressing. Yum.






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