Spinach and Basil Sauce

This is a great sauce for fish, chicken, tofu, salads, and basically anything you can think up. I always have this ready in my freezer. It’s like a pesto, but not. I have used it on pasta too which works great, or I have used a big dollop on a plate then thinly sliced roasted lamb over the top. It’s a great versatile sauce. Even a good little dip with crackers too. You can mix it in omelettes and scrambles eggs, add it to a frittata or quiche, add some cumin seeds or curry powder mix and create an indian styled saag to pan fried tofu or chicken or lamb.

Anyway, you get the idea, I’ll be sure to take it in my other recipes as I make the dishes.

This is very similar to a pesto, but has loads of spinach and no nuts.
Get a bag of spinach, a bunch of basil, 1 x lemon, salt and pepper, a good olive oil, and a garlic clove.
Ass all the ingredients to a mixer and drizzle about 4 tablespoon of olive oil over the top, , 1 garlic clove (more if you like more, but remember, it’s raw and the taste will increase once it’s stable in the fridge for a while as well) add the juice in the lemon, and blend.
If you need to add more oilve oil, pour in the top while blending. It should be a sauce consistency, not a paste.
Scrape down the side with a spatula and blend again.
If you think you need to add more spinach for a better consistency, add now.
This will keep in the fridge for about 10 days. If you buy organic spinach it will usually last about 7 days, sometimes longer. But, you can freeze this and it lasts for a good 3 or 4 months.

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