Smoked Duck Salad


You’ll need: duck breasts, cherry vine ripened tomatoes, pink grapefruit, hazelnuts (no skin), endive, lambs lettuce, liquid smoke, salad cress, salt and pepper. You will also need kitchen paper towels. 
Start by roasting off your hazelnuts, don’t leave them like I did, as they’ll burn, then you’l have to chop off all the burned bits. Fun times. Keep an eye on them and keep them moving on a medium heat. When they are golden toasted, remove from the heat and on to a board to cool. Don’t leave them in the pan, they’ll keep cooking.
Cut your grapefruit in 1/2. You can keep it whole but it’s easier to cut the segments this way I think.
When you have cut the skin and the white pith off, turn on tot the side and cut out the segments between the membrane avoiding the pith.
They will slice out pretty easily.
See? Nice little segments. It’s a good idea to use kitchen towel gentle on the segments so they don’t leak all over your plate.
In a bowl, add halved tomatoes and lambs lettuce, or any mild lettuce you like.
Add in your cress or spouts if you have some.
To start cooking the duck, use kitchen paper to dry the breast.
Score one side.
Place skin down on a medium heat for 6 – 8 minutes.
When the duck fat is extracted, mop up with a kitchen towel. You may need to do this 3 times.
Place the kitchen paper under the duck to remove the fat.
After 6 to 8 minutes, turn over and seal the breast for 30 seconds on the base.
Place the duck skin side up into the pre-heated oven at 200. For rare, cook for 10, for medium, 15 for well 20. I roasted the breast for 15 minutes and it turned out prefectly
After 10 minutes, remove from the oven, get your Liquid Smoke and drop about 4 – 5 drops into the roasting pan and roll the duck breast all over the smokey liquid and return to the oven.
Once the time limit is completed, leave the duck to rest for 10 minutes in a warm place. I turn the oven off and use the open door to rest meat there.
Use kitchen towel again to absorb any fats.
Now to assemble your salad plate. Remove the core of the Endive in an arrow shape. This will let you get your leaves off, you may need to do this again as you get further into the middle and smaller leaves.
Place your endive around your plate and spread some cress leaves
Add you grapefruit and roasted hazelnuts and prepared salad with lettuce and tomatoes.
For the dressing (options as this works well with no dressing as well) Use a nice marmalade, a sheery vinegar or red wine vinegar and some olive oil.
Add about a tablespoon of oil, a heaped teaspoon of marmalade, about 4 or 5 tablespoons of vinegar and mix.
Mixing is important as you don’t really want the bits from the marmalade, just the flavour.
Slice up your duck breast in diagonal thin strips and layer over your salad.
Teaspoon over your dressing, careful to use only the oil and vinegar mix from the top. When you eat this, be sure to load up your endive like a spoon with all the little bits of ingredients together so you get a full mouthful of everything on the plate. It’s lovely!

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