Bircher – Honey, Oats, Banana, Mango and Berries

Start by boiling the kettle. You’ll need oats, seeds, dried cranberries or raisins, cinnamon, frozen or fresh mango, a banana, honey, frozen or fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries (I don’t like frozen ones, but add whatever you like) and goji berries.
Add the oats, honey, cinnamon, seeds and dried cranberries to a plastic sealable container.
Add hot water until the oats are coverd
Stir and leave for an hour or so,
Add in chopped banana, mango and bueberries
Add in the goji berries and fresh strawberries and stir.
Leave until cool and then seal and add to the fridge. It’ll last just over a week. Eat it hot or cold, add some roasted nuts and yoghurt on top and mint if you like.

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