Love love love this stuff.

Theres a trick I have up my sleeve for the perfect pancakes every single time. So easy. I also have a recipe for left over batter – if you don’t add in the essence (vanilla or salted caramel flavouring) you use the left over batter by mixing in chopped up baby spinach and salt and pepper and make spinach pancakes and top with smoked salmon and yoghurt and lemon zest and parsley. It’s awesome. But first, the pancakes.

1 x Cup Self raising flour. 1 x egg. 1 x Cup Milk. Vanilla or Salted caramel essence is optional. Don’t put it in if you’re making a savoury dish with the left over batter.
Spray your non stick pan and add on a medium heat. Only use a non stick pan.
Use a soup ladle and make three small pancakes at a time. If you’re feeding more than 2 people, heat your oven and add the pancakes to the oven to keep them warm.
Turn them over when the bubbles appear on the battered side. Flip ’em.
Pile them up on your plate and add your flavours. I like fresh berries and banana with yoghurt and honey or maple syrup.
Sometimes I like to add a tablespoon jam to the empty hot pan with some honey. This makes a nice syrup to pour over the top.




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