Green Soup: Courgette, Parsley and Spinach Soup

Ok, I’m not sure, but I think I invented this shit. I can’t find it anywhere. But for the good of humanity, I offer it out to the masses and forfeit the fame and glory.

I can’t believe how easy this is. This is like an enema from your face.

Serves 4 people. But really, I think 2 bowls for 2 people.

What you need…

Two courgette/zucchini
1/2 a large bag of baby spinach (frozen works well too) 100-150 grams
A large bunch of fresh parsley (not dried, you really need the fresh stuff. Flat or curly)
2 garlic and herb stock cube (or a large freshly crushed garlic clove, some salt and spring onion)
Pepper to taste
Yoghurt or cream if you’re so inclined (optional)

Making it…

Bring 2 pints of water to the boil
Add in the garlic and herb stock cubes (or add in a clove of crushed garlic, 2 spring onions and a teaspoon of salt)
Add in the diced courgettes
Bring to the boil and cook for about 5-7 minutes
Add the parsley and cook for 2 minutes
Blend it up
Add the spinach and bring to the boil, then turn it off immediately.
Blend it up again until it’s super bright green and smooth
Add some salt and pepper to taste.
Serve it up with crusty bread or toasted bread with rubbed fresh garlic or melted cheese on top with left over parsley….and a dollop or cream or yoghurt in the soup.

See it in action…

Green Soup: Courgette, Parsley and Spinach
Bring the courgettes and stock to the boil
After 5 – 7 mins, add the parsley then cook for 3 minutes.
Remove from the heat and blend the soup together
Return to the heat and add in all the spinach and bring to the boil. When it starts to boil, turn it off and then blend it al up again until very smooth.
Soups up! A super green, super easy and healthy, delicious soup.




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